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Spring is the most important season for your lawn. It sets the tone for how your grass will look through the growing season and into fall. Here are a few tips on how to get your lawn off to a healthy start:

ferndale lawn mowing services ryan burlingame1. Consider Aeration– Often lawns become packed down and hard from foot traffic. Aeration pops little holes in your lawn which give it more circulation, moisture, oxygen and nutrients.

2. Thatching– If your lawn is mossy consider thatching. Thatching is a process that pulls moss out of the lawn giving your grass a chance to “catch up” and over grow the mossy spots.

3. Fertilize, fertilize fertilize – The main way to keep unwanted weeds and moss out of your yard is to make your grass so lush and healthy that other plants can’t invade the thick cover. If you’re concerned about harmful chemicals there are several Organic options which work great! I recommend fertilizing once a month for optimal green and beauty.

4. Clean up – Before you do anything to improve your lawn make sure to start by clearing it of debris as a heavy layer of fallen foliage can rot on the grass, killing it.


Summer time is important because here in the Pacific Northwest we get droughts which can be very difficult on lawns. Here are several strategies to help your lawn stay green:

1. Fertilize – I can’t say it enough. Fertilizer helps grass thicken and hold more moisture through the summer. It is cut back in the Summer months.

2. Mow high – People make a big mistake of cutting their grass too short during the summer months which causes it to go into shock and turn brown. I recommend cutting at a minimum of 3 inches during dry months. This keeps the grass green and also helps with root strength which keeps weeds out of your lawn. The high grass also offers shade to the dirt –  which brings us to watering.

3. Watering – If you must water be sure to keep grass at least 3 inches high for shading and always water at night when the earth can draw in and retain the moisture. Watering during the afternoon will result in the bulk of your water evaporating before it can be properly absorbed into the soil.


Fall is the time to get your grass ready to be dormant for the winter. This time of year is like preparing your baby’s bed so it’s warm and comfortable and allows your baby to get a good night’s sleep.

1. Soil test – Testing your soil can give you a idea of what minerals you can add to your lawn to make next year’s growth happier/healthier. Things like lyme, for example, can lower pH which will help with moss growth.

2. Clean up – As mentioned before it is vital to get leaves and other debris off your lawn as soon as possible.

3. Aeration – Another aeration may be needed. Golf courses usually aerate twice a year: once in spring, once in fall.


During the cold winter months, your lawn is dormant and luckily there is little to do other than keeping your grass clear of debris and enjoying a hot drink by a fire.

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